We become what we do. Our lives are shaped, in part, by the small choices we make every day.

Thirty minutes a day adds up to two and a half per week (5 days a week).  Over 50 weeks, that’s 125 hours. A good article might be researched and drafted in 125 hours. One article every 12-18 months is good productivity for a state university professor. Imagine if you wrote the equivalent of an article or a book chapter each year. What might you accomplish in a decade?  What might you contribute to your field?

For inspiration and a discussion of how to thrive as a university professor, check out  Kerry Ann Rockquemore’s How to Thrive Amid Academic Chaos in the Vitae area of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Take time to think about your weekly habits.  Are you incorporating time for steadily working toward a productive scholarly agenda? Who will you be in a decade?