Carly Redding is Director of Academic Engagement and an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Human Services.

Are you interested in getting more deeply involved with local communities, or leading your students in pursuing community-based projects? Created by the former Assistant Director of Academic Engagement, Dr. Sarah Young, the Nighthawk Community Connector (NCC) provides a centralized two-way communication channel for University of North Georgia faculty, staff, and students to engage in meaningful ways with their communities. The primary function of the NCC is to support UNG’s mission to provide a student-focused environment that includes quality education, service, inquiry, and creativity. The Nighthawk Community Connector allows all individuals to benefit from the expertise and efforts of faculty, staff, students, and community organizations. Faculty and students can obtain applied experience working with the community, and organizations receive assistance from faculty.

Carly Redding

If you are a faculty or staff member, you can access the NCC here; click on Faculty/Staff and describe your project. Academic Engagement will work to find you a community partner that meets the needs described. If you are a community member, you can access the NCC here; click on Community Partner. Our office will find you a faculty member who has expertise to suit your description of need.

For example, from the faculty side of the Connector: A management professor wants students to gain skill in conducting SWOT analyses while simultaneously strengthening the local nonprofit sector. The professor could submit a request to the Connector for assistance in finding qualified nonprofit organizations in the community interested in this type of free capacity-building activity.

From the community side of the Connector: A local nonprofit free clinic is building a food bank program and would like assistance to create marketing materials for their new program. The nonprofit could submit a request to the Connector to be matched with faculty, students, or staff in the Visual Arts Department interested in providing this as an in-class or service project.

For assistance or more information regarding the NCC, please contact Carly Redding, Director of Academic Engagement, at