Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

The Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure Track Faculty recognizes those whose work advances the quality and practice of instruction, demonstrates their success in fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and/or increases global and multicultural understanding. The recipients’ qualifications include effective teaching strategies to enhance student learning, such as active learning, student portfolios, and classroom assessment techniques, and a commitment to enriching academic activities outside of the classroom. These awards were announced at Convocation in fall 2018.

George Justice, Lecturer of History, incorporates the use of high-impact educational practices. His lectures are renowned for translating historical material into coherent themes and for presenting narratives with interjections of pictures, paintings, movie clips, and music. Dr. Justice and his students partner with the Oconee County Historical Society to support “History on the Lawn,” a service-learning project that encourages the community to bring in old photographs, letters, and documents for historic preservation and digitization.

Vivian Liddell, Lecturer for the Department of Visual Arts and Dahlonega campus Gallery Manager, provides student interns and assistants with working knowledge of contemporary art practices and industry standards. The students under her guidance gain valuable experience working in the gallery and interacting with artists. In Feminist Theory and Criticism, students lead discussions based on their readings. The course follows the Association of American Colleges and University’s Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) Essential Learning Outcomes centered on inquiry and analysis, critical and creative thinking, written and oral communication, and diversity and global learning.

Hugh Scott, Lecturer of Management for the Mike Cottrell College of Business, engages with and guides students through his role as mentor for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Capstone Project, a high-impact educational practice. He facilitated the creation of the UNG Sustainability Club and has done remarkable work in creating real-world experiences for his students, in part, through opening doors for student internships. “The more a student can enjoy learning at this stage,” says Professor Scott, “the more likely they will be to advocate for education of their own children and others around them, and to commit to lifelong learning for themselves.”