Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of posts in which past LEAP Action Grant recipients report on their projects. Application for 2022 awards are due April 4, and can be submitted through the CTLL awards portal: https://ung.edu/academic-engagement/for-faculty-staff/leap/index.php.

David Peoples is an adjunct faculty member in the Music Department.

Through the UNG LEAP grant, students were given the opportunity to present their own creative compositions as part of a digital audio course presented on the Gainesville campus. Through the grant, we were able to create mobile audio presentation rigs. These rigs were used as a means by which to present solo and collaborative works developed through digital audio using the Film and Digital Media lab. Students worked together during rehearsals, interacting creatively and critically.

Portable 8 channel speaker setup for digital audio production project rehearsals.








After successful evaluation, editing, and collaborative rehearsing, the concert was prepared for a professional presentation at the Tumbling Creek Wetland trails.











On the morning of the concert, we fixed our portable speakers to playback devices. The grant allowed us to procure the equipment pictured: mesh backpacks, Bluetooth speakers, and cabling. Some students presented from laptops (using digital audio software) or prepared their media for playback from their phones.










The concert was a unique experience for the students and attendees and an opportunity to present music uniquely as a mobile installation engaging unique outdoor spaces.









Video of Hike