It’s challenging to create a writing routine that is sustainable and adaptable to the new demands of each year and the new schedule of each semester. Drawing on the work of Helen Sword whose latest book is Stylish Academic Writing, Evonne Miller offers a flexible approach to establishing writing habits that work for your circumstances. In “Get writing: routine, re-mix, rebel & read!”, she suggests that both busy professors and their students can be innovative in creating a writing plan. Those who struggle with a regular writing routine might try mixing things up: experiment with alternative times and places.  Miller also proposes that academics “rebel” by “sneaking” an hour of writing into a day filled with other responsibilities. If you have trouble establishing satisfying routines, Miller suggests seeking self-understanding about your aversion to writing. Helpful books to guide you include Paul Silvia’s How to Write A Lot or Robert Boice’s Professors as Writers. Having a gentle, playful approach to habits will help develop flexible, sustainable routines that enhance research and writing.