In the new University of North Georgia structure, the work previously done by CTLE (Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence) and CTLL (Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership) is now handled by two separate areas:

CTLLThe Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership facilitates faculty development, including orientation, service-learning, best practices in teaching and learning, mentoring, and other faculty enrichment. CTLL offers programs aligned to the institution’s strategic plan and supports departmental faculty development opportunities. CTLL reserves space, promotes events, and coordinates workshops. In addition, we collect data on professional development offered throughout UNG.

DETIDistance Education and Technology Integration handles distance education and training on best practices using technologies of learning. DETI focuses on accessible quality online instruction, best practices in online pedagogy, and faculty support services. DETI encourages and supports the implementation of new technologies within traditional, hybrid, and online environments.