UNG Faculty are invited to apply for the fifth Faculty Academy on High-Impact Educational Practices (HIPs). For a description of high-impact practices (HIPs), see the Association of American Colleges and Universities site on High-Impact Educational Practicesnew window. Overall, faculty will deepen their knowledge about research-based educational experiences. A selective cohort of 8-12 will be chosen. Upon successful completion, faculty members will receive a certificate marking this accomplishment. Apply here.



The purpose of this academy is to help faculty refine skills that are essential to their own and their students’ success in the classroom:

  • Design (or redesign) a service-learning or undergraduate research assignment that uses selected quality dimensions
  • Apply educational taxonomies to be intentional about student learning outcomes
  • Articulate your assignment’s purpose, tasks, and criteria


This faculty academy will help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge:

  • Evidence-based teaching practices
  • Methods for revising assignments for clarity
  • Strategies to create new or revised high-impact practice projects
  • Deeper understanding of practices and theories underpinning either service-learning or undergraduate research


Participants will:

  • Participate in a year-long community of practice, which meets via workshops, retreats, and coaching sessions
  • Learn to practice transparent assignment design
  • Study the theoretical and practical aspects of high-impact practices
  • Choose one practice (service-learning or undergraduate research) for deeper study
  • Design a course assignment based on a high-impact educational practice for inclusion and implementation in one of their courses after the Academy’s completion
  • Incorporate several high-impact practices quality dimensions in a course assignment
  • Consider how project design addresses specific contexts of equity in education


Participants will create an assignment (or group of assignments) that have the following characteristics:

  • Uses the Transparent Assignment Template
  • Incorporates evidence-based teaching practices, specifically service-learning or undergraduate research
  • Applies several High-Impact Practices Quality Dimensions
  • Demonstrates attention to the specific contexts of equity at UNG

Participants will also:

  • Give an oral presentation and a copy of the completed assignment(s) to the HIP Academy members
  • Incorporate peer feedback in revised assignment and submit via eLearning a copy of the completed assignment

To apply for Faculty Academy on High-Impact Educational Practices, please submit

  • 1. Curriculum Vitae
  • 2. Statement of interest with the following ideas addressed:
    • a. Why do you want to join this academy? Explain how you would expect this Academy to support your professional goals.
    • b. Identify which High-Impact Practice (Service-Learning or Undergraduate Research) you will choose to study.
  • 3. Project Idea: Write one paragraph that indicates if you have a course assignment(s) you may want to re-design or if you want to design a new assignment during the Academy. In what course might you implement this HIP project assignment? Why do you think your students might benefit from a designed or re-designed project?

The Steering Committee will review faculty applications and select a cohort. Apply for the Faculty Academies.

Application Process and Dates

Application available: Third Friday of July
Application deadline: Last Friday of August
Notification: Second Friday of September