Download Recordings from Collaborate

Final Semester for Blackboard Collaborate

The video conferencing software used for interactive online meetings and classes will not be available after the fall 2022 semester.

Zoom is available as a replacement at the University of North Georgia.

You can continue using Collaborate this semester.

Save Collaborate Recordings

Collaborate recordings are stored on Collaborate servers, not in D2L Brightspace. When Collaborate goes away in early 2023, so do its videos. Download and save any important recordings.

When a recording is needed for a course, upload the recording from the computer to My Media (Add New > Media Upload). Kaltura will automatically process and closed caption the recording.

Collaborate recordings uploaded to My Media can be embedded in a course file.

How to Download Recordings from Blackboard Collaborate

If Collaborate is used in multiple courses in D2L, the instructor will need to go to each course and download any important files from each course.

Save Recordings to Your Computer

1. Access Blackboard Collaborate within your course.

2. Click the menu (three platters) in the upper left-hand corner and click the Recordings link.

Collaborate module in D2L after menu (three platters) was clicked, showing recordings link at left

3. If you don’t see the recording you want, click Recent Recordings and select Recordings In A Range.

4. Enter a date range.

5. To the right of the recording you want, click the three dots in a circle icon to access Recording Options and select Download. The Delete link is also located here.

Collaborate module shows recording date range and recording options. Recordings saved in Collaborate are listed here.

6. Save the recording to your computer. The video can now be deleted from Blackboard.

All recordings stored in Blackboard Collaborate will be deleted in early 2023.

Links in D2L to content stored in Blackboard Collaborate will be broken when the recordings are deleted. Download the recordings from Collaborate, upload the files to My Media in D2L, and replace the link with the embedded recording.

How to Enable Collaborate Downloads

Enable recording downloads if you do not see the option to download recordings.

  1. Access Blackboard Collaborate within your course. 
  2. Select a session.

3. Click the Setting (gear) icon.

4. Click the checkbox to Allow Recording Downloads and click Save.

Collaborate module Session Settings opens with access to recording downloads checkbox

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Updated Oct. 25, 2022