Tip: Randomize an Online Quiz

No online test can provide perfect security against cheating. However, by following testing best practices, instructors can make quizzes in eLearning@UNG (D2L) more secure.

Shuffling (randomizing) quiz questions is a good first step to reduce cheating.

How to Shuffle Quiz Question Order

Click the Quizzes link on the eLearning@UNG (D2L) course navigation bar. Follow these steps to randomize the quiz:

  • Click the quiz name.
  • Click Shuffle questions at the quiz level.
Quiz Questions page in D2L has Shuffle pages checked and quiz questions, below Add/Edit Questions button, with randomized arrow icons next to questions
  1. Click the Shuffle questions checkbox.
  2. Icons indicate the questions are randomized. They only appear after the quiz has been saved.
  3. Below the questions, in the Optional Advanced Properties section, click Expand optional advanced properties.
  4. Click Disable right click*, and Disable Email, Instant Messages and alerts.
  5. Click Save and Close

*Visually impaired students may need to right-click text to use text-to-speech software. The Edit Accommodations section is used to allow right clicking for individual students in all quizzes in the course. Instructors can also use Accommodations to provide additional time for students with special needs.

Edit Accommodations section has checkbox to turn on extra time and always allow right click for this student, in all quizzes in this course
D2L Accommodations section

How to Edit Accommodations

In the D2L Classlistclick on the context menu (drop-down arrow) next to the student’s name and select Edit Accommodations.

  1. Under Timing, click Modify Time Limit and enter a Multiplier of original quiz time or select Extra time in minutes to provide additional time for the student to take online quizzes.
  2. Under Controlsclick Always Allow Right Click to override the regular quiz settings for all online quizzes taken by this student.

Special Access (in the Restrictions tab of the quiz) will always override the Accommodations timing settings.


How to Shuffle Quiz Questions and Questions in a Section

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