Editor’s note: This is part three of a letter prepared for students in Dr. Armstrong Willams’s capstone IR Theory class (delivered virtually after the closing of campus in the spring 2020 semester).  Traditionally the final weeks of this course are used to discuss future plans including graduate school, study abroad, and career opportunities.  

Graduation Education & Transition Experiences

If you don’t choose to go to graduate school, but you are looking for a transition experience, or you can’t find your footing in the field right away:

Dr. Armstrong-Williams during a trip to Korea. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Armstrong-Williams)

Consider the following:

The world is full of opportunities, and your journey is just starting.  Your hard work up to this point has set the foundation for all that is to come.  Explore every option, make your best decision and embark on what life has to offer you.

Don’t forget us!

Just stay in touch with us.  No matter where your career takes you–it might be across the world, or just down the street, please know that the PSIA department cares about you and is rooting for you every step of the way.  You might see our hashtags…lol, but we really do mean it.  Once you are part of this department, you are part of our #PSIAFamily.  Continue to follow us on social media.  You can find all of our social media activities by going to https://ung.edu/political-science-international-affairs/index.php and clicking on the social media tab.  Follow us and stay engaged in whatever platform you use.

If this is not your last course, looking forward to seeing you next semester and wishing you all the best on your way forward!  It has been a great pleasure having you in class!


-Dr. Dlynn Armstrong-Williams