Congratulations to our undergrad and grad students who completed their respective studies and matriculated this past December. 

Master of Arts in International Affairs 

Rosemarie Luna 

Master of Public Administration 

Elisha Blackford 

Amanda Jenkins 

Political Science  

Caroline Beach | Political Science 

Anthony Blanchette | Political Science 

Gage Cazier | Political Science 

Valentina Ceron Andraus | Political Science 

Jessica Chalker | Political Science 

Dalton Goins | Political Science 

Spencer Kuhn | Political Science 

Brendan LaPrade | Political Science 

Grace Martin | Political Science 

Yajaira Martin | Political Science 

Justin Olsen | Political Science 

Morgan Parker | Political Science 

Aaliyah Tabor| Political Science 

Carlee Blankenship | Pre-Law 

Katherine Horne | Pre-Law 

Katherine Kelly | Pre-Law 

Taylor Mullikin | Pre-Law 

Kalie Roop | Pre-Law 

Ethan James | Pre-Law 

Annabette Vellines | Pre-Law 

Claire Cobb | American Studies 

Jesse Kronen | American studies  

Strategic & Security Studies 

Davis Anderson | Intelligence  

Jack Rainbow | Intelligence 

Trevor Galyon | Military Science 

International Affairs  

Gabriella Bartlett |Europe 

Orla Fennell |Europe 

Sebastian Lipski |Europe 

Morgan Markley |Europe 

Caroline Ryan |Europe 

Danielle Kent |Asia  

Associates of Political Science Pathway  

Claire Cobb  

Patrick Ford  

Morgan Marley