The United States Army Cadet Command recognized seventeen UNG cadets as Distinguished Military Graduates (DMG) for the 2023-24 academic year. Five of these outstanding students are members of the #PSIAfamily.  “Congratulations” to cadets Mark Alexander, Maddox Rose, Jack Rainbow, Daniel Traylor, and Nicholas Haley for their achievement. 

Distinguished Military Graduates finish in the top 20% of Army graduates on the national Order of Merit List by achieving superior grade-point averages, strong performance in the Army Combat Fitness Test, and proving their worth as exceptional leaders in their college ROTC training program.   

“The achievement of being recognized as a DMG is validation that I have taken the proper steps to prepare myself for my future as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army” Mark Alexander states when asked what this achievement means to him. Daniel Traylor stated as well that this achievement “means a lot to me, I have wanted to be a distinguished military graduate since I first learned about it during my freshman year and worked the next three years to hopefully achieve it.”  

These cadets have worked hard for this achievement “It definitely takes a strong work ethic academically, physically, and in developing your leadership and basic soldiering skills” Daniel Traylor states, with regards to what has helped him over the years. Nicholas Haley stated that “my work ethic and determination that helps me strive to be the best cadet I can possibly be.”  

The members of the Boars Head Brigade have also had support during their years here at UNG, “I have received countless words of advice and stories of experience from university employees, NCOs, fellow cadets, and my family. Without these people, I struggle to imagine how much more difficult it would be” states Jack Rainbow. “I have chosen to surround myself in all aspects of my life with people of a higher caliber who all continually push, support, and aid me in being a better person all around. Without this institution or these people, I would not be here now” states Mark Alexander.  

Congratulations again to these cadets for receiving this prestigious recognition! 


[Author: Morgan Adams, PS ’23]