PSIA Alumnus Kylee Smith

We were able to speak with former PSIA student Kylee Smith of Suwanee, GA. Kylee graduated from the University of North Georgia in Summer 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. Kylee is now pursuing her MBA at the University of North Georgia. Not only was Kylee, and still is, a student at UNG, Kylee plays softball for the university as well. She was able to play softball an additional year because she was given another year of eligibility due to COVID cancelling the previous senior.

We asked Kylee why she chose International Affairs as her major and why she chose UNG. “Well, I chose UNG because of softball, I was offered a scholarship by Coach Davenport,” said Kylee. Kylee said she had somewhat
of an idea of what she wanted to do. “I followed my interests, which lead me to international affairs.”

The International Affairs Program requires its students to study abroad. Kylee studied abroad in Paris in summer 2019. “My IA concentration was Europe, and I had always been fascinated by France,” said Kylee. “I had been studying French in high school and throughout college. When the opportunity came, then I could study abroad in Paris, that was a no-brainer for me.” Kylee described how the study abroad trip impacted her. “It helped me grow within my personal self and the person I wanted to be. Education wise, it showed me that I was on the right path.”

“I am thoroughly enjoying the Master’s program,” said Kylee. “I look forward to the opportunities that it will create for me.”

Being both a student and an athlete, Kylee had to learn how to balance both worlds. “I think for not only student athletes but any student in college, your number one thing is time management,” said Kylee. “In my situation being a student athlete, I really had to figure out and manage my time in order to get everything done. One of those helpful tools was online classes.”

Kylee offered some advice to prospective students who might be considering UNG. “I think if you are looking to come to North Georgia, you definitely should,” said Kylee. “It is a great atmosphere. The school itself is just in a cute little town. From an athletic standpoint, everybody that I’ve worked with in the athletic department is amazing. From an academic standpoint, all of my professors were and are incredibly helpful. They worked with
me on any of my scheduling conflicts for softball – they were willing to work with me on office hours. I would definitely recommend UNG.”