Hunter Milliman is a 2019 pre-law graduate.  He is currently attending law school at Samford University.  Milliman was chosen by President Bonita Jacobs to be the 2017-18 UNG Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.


Hunter recently shared with the following with us:


UNG’s political science department taught me a lot of things in the four years I was there. Logical thinking, reasoning, and introducing me to the Socratic method of teaching have definitely been some of the most beneficial things I took out of the program. There were times I felt like the program could’ve pushed me harder and other where I thought it pushed me harder than it should, but in retrospect I realize that’s how real life operates. A certain level of uncertainty and unpredictability made me grow in a way that I have to be grateful for. It prepared me to begin my legal career at Cumberland School of Law.


It also taught me about culture and the importance of people. The legal field’s lifeblood is it’s people. Building lasting relationships is something that goes beyond friendship. If I hadn’t learned that through involvement in the Model UN club directed by Dr. Miner, I don’t know if I’d be in the place I am now. These relationships weren’t just between students, either. All of the staff that I interacted with in the PoliSci department are people I would call on in 10 years to chat with. They focused on not just teaching the students, but growing them.


From all those relationships, I learned possibly the most invaluable thing to prepare me not only for law school, but life. That lesson is acceptance for differences in others. Differing opinions, lifestyles, and personalities are things you will constantly face in life, and things I face daily. The people in the department and the students I attended classes with taught me the importance of respecting those differences, and accepting them.


All of hear factors and more are certainly reasons to consider a Political Science Degree from UNG, all of the people are reasons to actually dive in. You can not go wrong with getting a Political Science degree from UNG, especially if you want to enter the legal field. It’s not about how much you know, but how much you are willing to learn. I believe that’s the essence of everything I outlined above, and it’s certainly the heart of law school.


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