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Free Online Tutoring Available in eLearning@UNG (D2L)

Encourage students to use Smarthinking’s free online tutoring service for their University of North Georgia (UNG) courses – online and face-to-face. They provide tutoring in 150 subject areas and many live tutoring sessions are available 24/7.

Students and faculty access Smarthinking from within their course in eLearning@UNG (D2L). Simply click the “Free Online Tutoring” link on the navbar and select “Connect to Smarthinking.”

Students can use the Smarthinking app on an iPad or Android Mobile/Tablet. The app requires a token password that is generated by using the “Connect to Smarthinking” link.

Access is not available from or

Look for the Free Online Tutoring link on the blue navbar in each D2L course.

Smarthinking Topics

This is a partial list of Nursing and Health Science topics:

Text: The knee bone is connected to... Free Online Tutoring, 150 Subject Areas including nursing and health sciences. Smarthinking. Image of skeleton and knee X-ray
Smarthinking provides individual instruction across a wide variety of subjects.


Geriatrics, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Mental Health, Nursing Administration, Nursing Anatomy & Physiology, Nursing Care Plans, Pathophysiology, Nursing Pharmacology, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Oncology, Pathophysiology Across Systems,
and Pediatrics.


Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Medical Assisting, Medical Terminology, and Health Sciences Essays.

Math and algebra tutoring for dosage calculation is also available.

See the full list of Nursing and Health Sciences topics offered by Smarthinking on

10 Hours of Free Tutoring

All UNG students start with 10 hours of free Smarthinking tutoring. Students can email UNG’s Online Student Success Advisors for additional time, if needed.

Smarthinking Nursing & Health Sciences Tutoring Options

  • Drop-In Tutoring: Available Sun-Fri, 9 pm-1am
  • Scheduled: Tutoring sessions are scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. The student selects from a list of available days and times.
  • Submit an Offline Question: A tutor will respond with an answer in about 24 hours.
  • Group Sessions: Students can create a study group and invite a tutor to their whiteboard session.
Written essays can be submitted to Nursing or Health Science tutors for review.
Prewriting techniques, research strategies, documentation, grammar and mechanics, plus nursing-specific content review of any writing assignment is available.
Student Smarthinking homepage, student selects nursing and sub-categories
Drop-in Nursing tutoring is available Sun. – Fri., from 9 pm – 1 am.
Work with a Tutor page with menu for Discipline, Subject, calendar date and times available
Scheduled tutoring allows students to select the discipline, tutoring subject, date, and time of a session.

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