Master of Arts in International Affairs 

Joseph Stover Jr.  

Master of Public Administration 

Avery Miller 

Corby Simmons 

Katheryn Cagle  

Political Science  

Ben Brewer | Political Science  

Christian Wright | Political Science  

Abigail Pelfrey | Pre-Law  

Dylan Gonzalez | Pre-Law 

Liana Stovall | Pre-Law 

Norma Martinez | Pre-Law 

Nicolas Ives | American Politics 


Strategic & Security Studies 

Andrew Flournoy | Military Science 

Garrett Cochran | Intelligence 

Nathan Hartkemeyer | Intelligence 

Stephen Lee | Military Science 

 International Affairs 

Christian Stowe | Europe 

Diana Castellano-Serrano | Latin America   

Luke Pitts | Europe  

Naomy Huaman | Asia  


Congratulations to all our PSIA Summer ‘23 graduates