Club President Gabi Pacheco (left) and Dr. Douglas Young (right)

The Politically Incorrect Club won the Blue & Gold Award in Gainesville as the “Student Organization of the Year” on the Gainesville Campus. The club’s officers for 2017 2018 included: President Gabi Pacheco, Vice President Heather Wood Keith, Brian Combs Jr., Al Chaul, Wyche Monette and Majenta Gay. Dr. Douglas Young is the faculty advisor.

PSSA President Meredith Shea and Zhanik Brock attended President Bill Clinton’s book event on June 13, 2018 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

Eitel and Armstrong Speak for Qatar at Mediterranean Model UN Conference

Andrew Eitel, an international-affairs major, and Holden Armstrong, a security-studies major, participated in the Mediterranean Model United Nations 2018 conference in the French Riviera in March. Eitel and Armstrong were assigned to represent the country of Qatar.

According to Dr. Jon Miner, associate professor of political science, “the Model UN-G Club helps prepare students for the conference and develops skills in diplomacy, public speaking and research. The organization focuses on personal and cooperative development and is open to all majors; a Model UN class also is offered for students majoring in international affairs”.

The Model UN-G Club is organized by UNG’s Department of Political Science and International Affairs and competes twice a year at the South Regional Model United Nations conferences, held in Atlanta and Charlotte, N. C.