I am from Dawsonville, GA and graduated from Dawson County High School. I chose Strategic and Security Studies (SSST) as my major due to the focus on military history, national security, and intelligence. I was originally an International Affairs major but decided to switch due to the course offerings and opportunities I foresaw.

Nearing my graduation, I feel very prepared for my future in Military Intelligence when I commission into the Army. During my time at the University of North Georgia (UNG), I have received both excellent leadership and academic training. As a cadet, I have been exposed to the Army’s leadership style and have held numerous roles and positions that have developed my own potential in assuming an officer role after graduation. Furthermore, the Strategic and Security Studies program has prepared me for the complex and dynamic world of international politics and military conflict.

The SSST program has provided me with many great opportunities such as: attending conferences, hearing from visiting experts on national security, and studying abroad in Normandy. As a sophomore, I was selected by Dr. Beall, my military history professor, to attend the Student Conference on National Affairs at Texas A&M. There and at UNG I was able to learn from and listen to lectures given by political and military leaders, experts on international politics, and a North Korean refugee. At Normandy, I and my fellow students followed the path of the Allied invasion of Europe during World War II. This experience in particular was very beneficial to my learning as I was able to see in reality all that I had studied on paper. To see and do is the best way to learn, and the Strategic and Security Studies program has allowed me many opportunities to do so.

These experiences have provided me with a wide range of knowledge and competencies that have and will aid me well in either a military or civilian career. I am now familiar with both ancient and modern military history, political theory, and intelligence systems. The faculty in the program are dedicated, professional, and experts in their field. Each course challenged me to think beyond what I already knew and find better answers to the issues and questions presented in class. If I had the chance to go back and do it all again, I would not change a single detail.