Congratulations to Cadet Mia Libosada, IA ’24 on being awarded a Boren scholarship! Mia is planning on spending the upcoming academic year at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. 

Thanks to the Boren Scholarship, Mia said she will be able to “further my understanding and learning opportunity about the Korean language and culture. I believe both culture and language go hand in hand. You cannot fully understand one without the other. Korean has been classified as a critical language as well. I hope to develop these language and culture skills that could possibly contribute to the career in Military Intelligence I want to pursue.” 

“Being a part of the PSIA major exposed me to a number of opportunities I would not have thought to go after. … As I took courses from Dr. Serri and Dr. Chand, it made me realize even more the importance of understanding the concept of security and its concept from different perspectives, especially Asia. Dr. Williams and Dr. Wei both advised me as I looked at various opportunities to broaden my academic pursuits. They, along with others in the department, have done a great deal to help me realize that concepts taught in PSIA are not only interesting but also very important for today’s world.” 

To fellow students interested in applying for the Boren Scholarship in the future, Mia’s advice is to “go for it. Do not let yourself get in your head thinking you have no shot.” 

Congratulations again to Mia on this amazing accomplishment! We wish you all the best during your time in South Korea!  

For anyone interested in learning more about the Boren Scholarship and how to apply visit UNG’s Office for Nationally Competitive Scholarships (NCS) at Nationally Competitive Scholarship. 

[author Orla Fennel, IA ‘23]