On August 10, 2020, UNG virtually hosted the second annual UNG LEADS Day (Learning, Engagement, Achievement, Development, Service) as a celebration of the upcoming academic year.

PSIA Department Head Dr. Dlynn Armstrong Williams led a discussion about the transition to remote learning and the challenges faced students and faculty in spring 2020. Dr. Williams stressed the discussed the importance of a communications plan in an academic department as a means of reaching PSIA majors. Ms. Maria Albo discussed student needs, our collaborations across campus, implementing the communications plan and navigating social media. Dr. Jon Miner concluded the session with a discussion about connecting and interacting with students/ alumni via social media. The session was moderated by Dr. Edward Mienie who hosted a lively Q &A for the panel following the presentation.

Dr. Glen Smith lead a presentation titled “To Mask or Not to Mask,” providing advice on how to deal with the mask mandate in particular and also how to handle political controversies more broadly. Along with Professor Jameson Brewer, they also addressed the best ways to reduce political hostility in the classroom.