The Political Science & International Affairs (PSIA) Department is pleased to announce that it is  now offering an online Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science for the very first time. The online degree started with alumna Apollonia Johnson, who is the first UNG student to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science completely online. The PSIA Department is the first academic department at UNG to offer associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees online. The department also offers master’s degrees in International Affairs (MAIA) and in Public Administration (MPA) fully online.

“We are thrilled to offer a fully online Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science here at UNG,” says Department Head Dr. Dlynn Armstrong Williams. “We have achieved great success with our master’s degrees online programs and wanted to provide this opportunity to undergraduates as well. Since the MPA’s online program began in 2017, we experienced double the enrollment within the year.”

The B.S. in Political Science comes at a perfect time, since many universities are now offering virtual academic experiences due to COVID-19.

All online courses within the program are QM Certified and have been reviewed at the department level to ensure consistently with the previously established course objectives and level of rigor across courses.

The online degree is designed to be completed using UNG online courses and eCore. Not all courses are offered each semester. Please contact Maria Albo at with questions relating to course rotations and program requirements.