Anna Perry attended the Fall 2021 Georgia Political Science Association (GPSA) conference as one of the select few students provided the unique opportunity to attend this high-level academic conference as a full-fledged panel participant. Her participation this past fall allowed Anna to meet other people in Georgia in the discipline of Political Science. “It was a great experience actually, in Savannah, a beautiful city. I’m so grateful to travel and it was nice getting to meet other people in Georgia in the discipline. Some of the other conferences I have presented at were moved to online or they were only in the science discipline. Getting to work with people in political science was great,” stated Anna. She says if you are interested in doing something like the Masters of Public Administration or anything graduate school-related regarding political science, the GPSA is fantastic for networking.

Anna, hailing from Alpharetta, GA, received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science, with a minor in Biology, in Dec 2021. Anna began as a dual enrolled student and was part of the UNG Honors Program. She is currently applying to medical school and has a desire to complete her MD, focusing on public health.

GPSA (Georgia Political Science Association) is the professional association of political science practitioners and educators in Georgia. Members are from public, private, and academic sectors. GPSA was founded in 1968.