Dr. Glen Smith has pursued an active research agenda during his time at UNG focusing on partisan media and political tolerance. As the recipient of the Presidential Semester Scholar Award for 2016-2017, Dr. Smith was awarded a full-semester release from teaching and service, plus funding support to write a supplemental textbook for American government that will be free for UNG students. Previously, Dr. Smith was awarded a Presidential Summer Scholar Award to study partisan news outlets through an internal grants program initiated by UNG President Bonita Jacobs to support productive research, scholarly and creative activities.

Dr. Smith recently published two articles: “The Timing of Partisan Media Effects during a Presidential Election,” published in Political Research Quarterly, and “Sympathy for the Devil: How Broadcast News Reduces Negativity Toward Political Leaders,” published in American Politics Research. Based on his work, Dr. Smith was recently invited to write a blog post for the London School of Economics American Politics blog.  It can be accessed at this URL address:http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/usappblog/2016/07/28/how-mainstream-news-can-reduce-partisan-hostility/.