Earlier this year, Anna Caitlyn “AC” Anderson was chosen as a Presidential Fellow for the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC) by¬†President Bonita Jacobs. CSPC, a nonprofit, was founded in 1965. It’s mission is to¬†“provide historical perspective about our nation’s highest offices for citizens and policymakers,” according to its website.

Anderson is a senior from Gainesville, Georgia, pursuing a degree in political science with a pre-law concentration. She took the spring 2020 special topics class on state politics taught by former Gov. Nathan Deal, who represented Georgia in the U.S. House before his stint as governor. It was one of the classes that inspired Anderson to pursue the opportunity to learn more about politics beyond what occurs at the state level.

“I’ve always enjoyed reading and studying about the relationship the president has with other branches of government and nongovernmental organizations,” Anderson said. “I figured, ‘Why not put my hat in the ring?'”

Monthly online seminars will allow Anderson to study the public policymaking process and the president’s relationship with Congress, allies, the media, and the public. A multiday leadership conference in Washington, D.C., will wrap up the program.

To cap off her year, Anderson will write a research paper about what she learns. She has been researching more about the relationship between the presidency and the media and its effects on public opinion.