Using Archival Materials

Food and drink, including candy and chewing gum, are not permitted in Special Collections areas.

Books, manuscripts, and archival documents are paged for readers and may be used only in the areas designated by the Special Collections staff.

All written notes are to be taken in pencil. Marking, erasing, or altering Special Collections materials is prohibited. Paper place holders/markers are available for patron use. Manuscripts and books may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced over, or handled in any way that may damage them.

Always handle archival and library materials with clean, dry hands. Handle materials carefully and turn pages gently.

All materials must remain on the surface of the table. When appropriate, readers may be asked to place books and bound manuscripts on book rests or cradles, to use weights for holding books open, or to wear protective gloves. When in doubt about proper handling, please consult Special Collections staff.

Hand-held cameras may be used without a flash in the Special Collections and Archives to photograph documents as long as the materials being photographed are handled in accordance with our standard guidelines. The researcher is responsible for complying with copyright laws. No extra lighting or equipment is permitted in either area. Permission to photograph does not grant permission to publish.

A full list of policies is available on the Research Agreement Form.