Publishing Special Collections Materials

If you are interested in publishing materials in the UNG Special Collections & Archives, please read the following and submit a permission to publish form as well as a photocopy request form. Your request to publish will be reviewed. A decision usually takes approximately two weeks. You will receive two emails after completing the permission to publish form. The first will be a confirmation email with a copy of your request. The second will include the decision and next steps.


  1. It is the responsibility of the researcher to determine the copyright status of materials in the Special Collections and Archives. Resources such as the WATCH File, and the U.S. Copyright Office may be helpful in making this determination. The library will share information it has about copyright holders.
  2. Researchers do not need to obtain permission to use materials in the public domain.
  3. Researchers should note that in some cases, Special Collections and Archives does not hold the copyright for material in its collections. In these cases, it cannot grant or deny permission to use them.
  4. Researchers are responsible for contacting copyright holders to obtain permission for use.
  5. Written permission must be obtained from the owners of the copy/literary rights and from the University of North Georgia for any publication or commercial use of reproductions. The permission granted by the University of North Georgia Special Collections and Archives to use reproductions of material held in the collection does not constitute and may not be substituted for permission from the owner of the copy/literary rights. The user is directly responsible for obtaining permission from the copy/literary rights holder.
  6. The Special Collections and Archives can grant permission to use materials when the University of North Georgia is the copyright holder. In these cases, the researcher should complete Special Collections and Archives’ permission to publish form and contact Special Collections and Archives to learn about any use fees that may apply. It should be noted that when granting permission to publish, the Special Collections and Archives retains its own right to publish the material, and to grant permission to others to publish it.
  7. Whether or not the University of North Georgia is the copyright holder, the library may charge a duplication fee to create scans or other copies of materials. This process is explained further in the Special Collections and Archives’ Copy Policy. The library also reserves the right to charge a publication fees. Examples of these fees are below.
    • For books and articles:
      • Students – $20
      • Non-profit/academic – $50
      • Commercial – $120
    • For multi-media productions and exhibitions:
      • Students – $30
      • Non-profit/academic – $75
      • Commercial – $150
  8. Researchers should be aware that a “fair use” exception is contained in the federal copyright law which allows limited use of materials for non-commercial purposes, such as teaching, scholarship, research, criticism, commentary, and news reporting. Researchers are responsible for determining if their use falls under the “fair use” guidelines. The U.S. Copyright Office is a source for further information on this topic.
  9. Researchers should further note that, apart from copyright, individuals possess privacy and publicity rights that are subject to state laws. In some cases therefore, researchers will need to secure the consent not only of copyright holders of materials, but also of third parties who may be represented in them. It is the responsibility of the researcher to address the issues of privacy and publicity in their use of materials.
  10. Regardless of whether the Special Collections and Archives holds copyright, users should cite it as the owner of materials by Item, Collection title, Special Collections and Archives, Campus, University of North Georgia.