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D2L Brightspace

First Look at New Quiz Experience

quiz name, description, and questions are on left, availability dates, timing, attempts & completion, feedback links are on the right side.
Video screenshot: The new D2L Quiz design will be available later this month.

In late December (after finals), eLearning@UNG (D2L) will upgrade the D2L Quizzes interface with the “new quiz experience.” The new quiz has a simplified design to make creating quizzes easier. There will be an opt-out feature for instructors if the old quiz layout is preferred.

The redesigned create and edit screen in Quizzing has the same layout as Assignments, making it familiar and easy to learn.

First Look: Get a sneak peek at the new quiz experience and some of the features.

Watch the video (youtube.com, 1 min.).

What’s New for 2023

New Things for the New Year

DETI Digest: Our monthly online newsletter is moving to myUNG in early 2023. Files from this blog will be moved to the DETI section of SharePoint where our other content is located.

ProctorU: Expect a major update of the online proctoring software in early 2023. We’ll keep you posted!

D2L Brightspace: The eLearning@UNG (D2L) software continuously updates and changes. An update to D2L Quizzes is just the beginning. There are some design improvements and new features planned for 2023.

D2L Explore: The Explore section of D2L will continue to grow in 2023 with additional self-paced courses and tutorials for faculty, staff, and students.

Microsoft 365

New Name, New Logo

Office 365 logo change

Microsoft is changing the name of its online version of Office. It’s now Microsoft 365. The rebranding will be completed by January 2023.

Mobile device users will soon see a new logo on their phone or tablet along with improved layout.

The online Office software will not change. Access your Microsoft content online with Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, Teams, Sway, Stream, and more, on Microsoft 365.


Office is Becoming Microsoft 365 (microsoft.com)

Log into Microsoft 365 (UNG login required)