How to Contact DETI

Do you have a D2L Brightspace question? Would you like to create or teach an online course? Is the Kaltura Capture app not capturing? How should you prepare a course for a QM review? Did an online student stop submitting homework? Does a student need help registering for an online course?

Distance Education & Technology Integration (DETI) can help.

Start Here

Click the Technical Support link on the eLearning@UNG (D2L) homepage navigation bar.

Technical Support menu includes Browser Checker, D2L 24/7 Help Center, UNG DETI Helpdesk Ticket, DETI FAQ, D2L Documentation.

The drop-down menu includes:

1. UNG DETI Helpdesk Ticket (DETI Service Ticket) – DETI is the admin for D2L Brightspace, the eLearning system used at UNG. We can answer D2L questions, troubleshoot problems, and assist with third-party software related to online learning. DETI also provides FLOC training, instructional design, QM Reviews, and online student support. DETI Helpdesk is monitored by DETI staff during regular business hours.

Visit DETI’s SharePoint section on myUNG for more details about DETI services (UNG login required).

Additional Technical Support Resources

2. D2L Help Center – USG provides 24/7 “live” support for all technical problems related to D2L Brightspace. It provides information for students, instructors, and course designers. The website contains a searchable database, how-to videos, and assistance by phone and chat.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (myUNG – UNG login required) – DETI’s FAQ page answers common questions organized by category. The page includes downloadable PDF instructions.

4. D2L Help Website ( – Search the database for additional information. Click the “Instructors” link on the top right corner of the page to switch from student to instructor content.


Additional DETI Service Ticket Links

eLearning@UNG (D2L) – In addition to the Technical Support menu, the D2L homepage right rail has a link to the DETI Helpdesk. And finally, in a D2L course, click the More link on the navbar and scroll all the way down to the UNG DETI Helpdesk Ticket link.

myUNG (UNG login required) – Look for a link on the bottom of most pages of the DETI section.

DETI Digest – Click the Submit a Helpdesk ticket button on the bottom right corner on nearly every page of this website.

UNG IT Service Portal (UNG login required) – Select the Service Catalog button and click the Submit a DETI ticket button.

Submit a DETI ticket. Request help from DETI.
Look for this DETI ticket button in the Service Portal.


DETI Helpdesk Ticket Tips

For most issues, the DETI Service Ticket is the best way to contact DETI.

When completing a ticket, be sure to:

provide a brief description. Is this a D2L, Kaltura, Turnitin, Blackboard, Smarthinking, SoftChalk, Honorlock, ProctorU, or Respondus issue? What’s the problem?

include a link. Copy the URL of the file or recording in D2L you would like us to look at.

provide specific information. What exactly would you like us to do? What course, module, file, is causing the problem? What type of computer and browser are you using?

The DETI ticket has text boxes for your name, short description, Course Name, CNR, and problem. Use the Problem box to include a link. Submit button is on the bottom right.
A DETI staff member will reply via email using the Service Now software.

DETI’s Student Support Team

Students can use a DETI Helpdesk Ticket, but we recommend contacting us by email for a quicker response.

Contact our student support team for assistance with online registration, online orientation, Smarthinking, SmarterMeasure, and online proctoring issues.

UNG | Online email phone 706-867-2521

eCore email  phone 706-867-4474

eMajor (FinTech) email phone 706-867-2518

Academic Alert – The instructor submits the form when a student has not responded to the instructor’s attempts to contact them in regard to their participation, missed assignments, or other needs (such as tutoring, help with online format, etc.). Our online success advisors will reach out to the student with support to assist them. Instructors are cc’d on communications and kept in the loop of options and solutions.

Note: DETI Early Alert Report merged with UNG Academic Alert. Look for the Academic Alert link in the Student Success Alert widget in eLearning@UNG (D2L).


Contact DETI

Distance Education & Technology Integration (DETI)

Phone 706-867-2520

Library Technology Center, Third Floor
82 College Circle
Dahlonega, GA 30597

UNG Faculty Support: email phone 706-867-2522

Updated August 26, 2022