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Online Quizzes Questions Answered

How do I import questions from previous quizzes or other sources in my course?

You can import quiz questions from existing collections of questions within Quizzes, Surveys, Self-Assessments, and the Question Library.

How do I convert a Microsoft Word exam to a D2L quiz?

We have software available called Respondus (Test Creation), which is available from the UNG Software Center for UNG Desktop or Windows laptops. Otherwise, see the information found in the link below. One of the Respondus (Test Creation) functions is to convert an exam in MS Word (or similar format) into an electronic version that can be uploaded into eLearning (D2L).

How do I randomize questions in a quiz?

There are two ways to randomize a quiz. One is to “Shuffle” the order of the questions in the quiz, and the other is to create a Question Pool. The Question Pool is a folder of questions that is usually used when the quiz questions will come from a large grouping (pool) of questions (more than are intended for the quiz). With either “Shuffling” or a Question Pool, no two sequential quiz attempts will show the list of questions in the same order, and in the use of the Question Pool, they may not be all of the same questions.

How do I shuffle questions in a quiz?

Quiz questions can be “Shuffled” (or randomized) per quiz attempt by selecting this feature on the Properties page of a Quiz. See the following:

Why are quiz scores not showing up in the grade book?

It could be one of two things:

a) you did not associate the quiz with a grade item in the grade book, or

b) you do not have the auto-grade box checked.

For either case, you will need to “manually” publish the grades to the grade book after you take care of either issue (or both).

Do the following:

  1. Check to see if the quiz is associated with a grade item (or do so)
  2. Check to see if the auto-grade box is checked (UNG login required) Setting automatic grading and export
  3. Publish missing grades to the grade book (UNG login required) Publishing (re-Publishing) Quiz Scores to the Gradebook

How can I analyze completed quizzes for questions that were either a problem for most students or indicate a learning issue?

Analyzing the Quiz Statistics can reveal questions that students have done well or poorly on. The statistics can also provide information on trends of student understanding (or lack thereof).

See the following guide for accessing and viewing Quiz Statistics:

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