What’s New

The latest news, updates, and features.

Brightspace by D2L 

  • You now can grant learners quiz accommodations from the Claslist tool, such as time and a half for taking quizzes. Once granted, these accommodations apply to all quiz activities in a course for that learner. Go to the classlist tool and click the action icon (down arrow) beside a student name and select “Edit Accommodations.” 
  • Improvements to the Quick Eval notification tool, including a new Quick View. 

Respondus Lockdown Browser 

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser can now be used with quizzes taken with Pearson MyLab. More information is available at the Pearson MyLab website.
  • We are currently beta testing a new app that will allow Lockdown Browser to be used with Chromebook computers and hope that it will become available later this month. 



  • Spotlight up to 9 participants as the primary active speakers. Participants will only see these speakers. This is useful for group presentations. You must have host or co-host privileges, use Zoom desktop (client version 5.2.2) or mobile app, and the meeting must have three or more participants.

Suspend Participant Activity

  • Click on the suspend button (bottom of the Zoom Security panel) to immediately suspend all participant activities, mute all video and audio, stop screen sharing, end all breakout rooms, and pause recording.

Blurred Background



  • A PowerPoint presentation can be paused by the presenter and pass control of the slide deck to another person. This allows more than one person to present a PowerPoint while sharing the same deck.

Microsoft 365

  • UNG staff and students have access to files and Microsoft software with Microsoft 365. Go to microsoft365.com, click the sign in link (top right), and log in using UNG credentials. You will have access to OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other familiar Microsoft products. Click the building blocks icon (bottom left side) of the 365 homepage for additional apps. Note: The online version of 365 may not have every feature as the desktop version on your computer. However, you can create content in Microsoft 365 and download the file to your computer. Use the more powerful desktop version to complete the project.


  • Say it instead of writing it. The Dictation toolbar provides easy access for voice commands and auto-punctuation support.

Microsoft Office For the iPad

  • This new and improved version for the iPad combines Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Office Lens, and Forms. It also has PDF capabilities such as image to text extraction and PDF document signing capability. It’s all connected to your UNG Microsoft 365 account. Search the Apple App store (iPad/iPhone) for Microsoft Office 365.