Katherine Torres, an undergraduate student at The University of North Georgia (UNG), recently was awarded the Ty Cobb Scholarship award. Katherine, a political science major with a concentration in law, originally found out about the scholarship through the Nationally Competitive Scholarships (NCS) Office at UNG during her second year. She was notified by Dr. Anastasia Lin about the scholarship opportunity.

Even though the deadline was in the middle of the busy semester, Katherine was able to complete the application process and apply in time. She says, “I ended up winning last year, and once you win, it is much easier to reapply for a consecutive year. I cannot express enough gratitude to Dr. Anastasia Lin for sending me that initial email!”

The Ty Cobb Scholarship is geared toward Georgians who have demonstrated academic success and have financial need. The Ty Cobb Foundation was founded by Georgian baseball player, Ty Cobb.

Katherine is currently taking two classes this summer —  “Terrorism and Political Violence” with Dr. Samuel Rohrer and “Politics of Development” with Dr. Dwight Wilson — and will also be taking classes in the fall. This coming fall, she is looking forward to continue to work closely with the NCS office. She is currently in the process of creating early drafts for fellowships and scholarship applications that will propel her into her professional career after she graduates in 2021.