We are thrilled to announce that 27 of our Corps of Cadets have recently won awards and could not be more proud of our students! Highlighted below are three of their stories.

Carson Doyle, a cadet Captain and the commander of Golf Company, received the LTC Bryan Austin, US Army ret. Memorial Scholarship from the Corps of Cadets.

Carson informed the Military Leadership Center (MLC) of his interest in The Military Intelligence branch and was selected by the Assistant Commandant of Cadets, Major Neikirk, from a pool of cadets.

Carson says, “Thanks to the awesome staff at the Financial Aid office like Mrs. Simmons, the National Guard and the Commandant and Assistant Commandant of the Corps of Cadets, I will graduate with very little college debt and be able to pursue my life goals with more financial freedom.”


Second Lieutenant John Perry, previously a Deputy Brigade (BDE) Commander, Operations, received the Paul M. Hutcherson Outstanding Student Award.

He was also nominated by Major Neikirk, who submitted a letter detailing why he deserved the award and he was then interviewed by alumni that selected him for the award.

Perry says, “The award is a great honor and knowing that I was nominated by a mentor and selected by alumni that did not know me before the interview is great recognition that I am proud and humbled to receive.”

Cadet Sergeant first class Taylor Reed received the Weston C. Lee Scholarship. The scholarship is so named due to U.S. soldier 1st Lt. Weston Lee, who was killed in Iraq in 2017 while conducting security as part of advise-and-assist support for partnered forces when an improvised explosive device detonated in Mosul.

Reed is happy to receive the award, as he recognizes how important Weston’s work was, both to UNG and to our country. He is grateful for the experience as he says that, “being affiliated with that scholarship [is important] because of what it means and how many people Weston affected.” You can find out more about this scholarship and Weston’s story HERE.