The University of North Georgia-Gainesville’s Politically Incorrect Club, led by Dr. Douglas Young, hosted an outstanding presentation by Lee Darragh, district attorney for Hall and Dawson Counties, on February 13, 2017. Mr. Darragh refuted many myths about prosecutors and was so generous answering students’ questions that he spoke with us for almost two hours. It was a most informative and enlightening educational event for the 58 students, administrators, and faculty members who were present.

Dr. Young extends special thanks to all P. I. Club members who did such a superb job helping out with this presentation — Gabi Pacheco, Sam Morales, Heather Morris, Ana Adams Wiley, and Vincent Farrell — and a big thank you to Heather Keith for the attractive flyer plugging the address and the fine pictures from the event.


The Politically Incorrect Club organized several other memorable events in recent months.

  • A mock presidential election in October on the Gainesville campus. Among students, Trump received 187 votes to 109 for Clinton. The candidates tied among staff members, and Clinton bested Trump 22 to 8 among faculty members.
  • An election-night gathering to watch the presidential-election returns roll in. The event was co-sponsored by the Students for a Progressive Society. Members of the two organizations gathered in the Robinson Ballroom to celebrate a historic election.
  • Co-sponsored by the P. I. Club, a November 16 address by State Representative Jason Spencer. Rep. Spencer is the lead sponsor of legislation to get a spaceport for Camden County on the Georgia coast. This effort could be extremely important for our entire state’s economy. Over 40 students and professors heard Rep. Spencer’s slideshow presentation.
  • A December 3 trip to the Longstreet‑Piedmont Hotel, possibly the most historic spot in Northeast Georgia, which is located near downtown Gainesville. Gen. James Longstreet was a decorated and wounded hero of both the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. Afterwards, he was the one Confederate general to courageously and publicly come out in favor of full civil rights for the former slaves, including equal voting rights. The Politically Incorrect Club arranges three trips a year to the Piedmont.
  • On March 6, a presentation by Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch, who told the club about recent Sheriff’s Office efforts and answered students’ questions about local criminal-justice concerns.
A meeting of the Politically Incorrect Club at the Longstreet-Piedmont Hotel