By Jared Goodall, M.P.A. ’09

Functional and Technical Specialist-Business Office

It is one hour before the fee-payment deadline. You think to yourself: “I am short on cash to pay my tuition bill but I get paid on Friday. Will the Business Office cash my check before then?” No need to worry anymore: UNG has the NELNET Payment Plan! If you are a little short on cash or would like the ability to pay off the balance of your tuition bill a little latter, the NELNET Payment Plan gives students the freedom to pay off their invoices even after the fee payment deadlines have passed.

But how does it work? Right now through August 11, you can sign up for an enrollment fee of $60 and 25 percent of your tuition bill as a down payment and have three payments on August 20, September and October. So if you still owe $2000 after your estimated financial aid, your payment plan would look something like this:

$560 due today
$500 August 20
$500 September 20
$500 October 20

Simple, right? But how do I pay it? At the time you sign up, you will set up payments to come out of either your checking account via ACH transfer or you can use any major credit card (additional charge of 2.75 percent for credit-card transactions). The payments will come out automatically. And if you remain current for your payments through August 28, NELNET will guarantee your payment to UNG.

Wait! If NELNET is outside of the school, how will the Business Office know I am signed up? An informational hold is put on your account to let Business Office personnel know that you’re signed up. The hold does not prevent you from anything like traditional holds, though, so no need to worry. If you have this hold, the Business Office will reverse any late fees and make sure that your courses are not dropped as long as you sign up for the NELNET Payment Plan before those deadlines.

So how do I sign up? All you need to do is log into your Banner account, go to “Student,” then “Student Account,” then “Setup Payment Plan” and follow the steps. Make sure that you read all the information carefully. This is a binding agreement with NELNET Business Solutions.

For more information about the NELNET Payment Plan or any other services from the UNG Business Office, you can go to or call us (706) 864‑1409.