The PSIA Review spotlights two talented students in our department. They are Lindsey Collier, an international-affairs student, and Abigail Word, who is pursuing a pre-law concentration. We asked them to respond to these questions:

Why did you choose political science as a major and do you believe that it is preparing you for your future goals? If so, how is it preparing you?
What experiences have your political-science/international-affairs courses offered you which have provided you with a competitive edge? How do you plan to leverage these experiences in the future?
Describe how your coursework, study abroad (if applicable) or other experiences helped you?
Please discuss your courses, the faculty and the major.


Lindsey Collier

My name is Lindsey Collier, and I am an international-affairs student at the University of North Georgia. I will be studying as a foreign-exchange student at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the fall semester of 2015. I am a third-year student at UNG, and I became an international-affairs major during the second semester of my freshman year. I chose to be an international-affairs major after an introductory global-issues class that introduced me to global politics and international issues and immediately sparked my interest. Becoming an international-affairs major has brought me to lengths I never thought possible, challenging me to succeed while constantly teaching me new things. Fostering a quality education through the committed and reliable faculty and department has allowed me to study with individuals who share my passion, while the dedication of the professors within this department provide support as we strive for success. While the program is demanding with challenging classes and coursework, becoming an international-affairs major promotes growth and development that provide a competitive edge both throughout and following college.

My experience as an international-affairs major has challenged me individually to develop by providing me with significant amounts of opportunities and incentives to grow and learn on a global scale while remaining in Dahlonega. As international-affairs majors, we are constantly provided with opportunities to expand our interests through outsourcing and informational seminars. The department provides us with ample opportunities and connections to expand outside of the collegiate arena, which provides us with a competitive edge. The department caters to a student’s interests on an individual level, creating plans of study and course levels to suit her interests as a student and as an individual. Through the department, staff, and IA community I have learned so much about myself as an individual while simultaneously learning about international politics and cultures, which has driven my interest and given me an academic path, which I have the ability to pursue through the department’s study-abroad program. As I have established a significant interest in Russian language and culture over the past two years, the Center for Global Engagement and the PSIA department have given me the tools and opportunities necessary to plan a study abroad that works for me. After a full year of planning and organizing, this fall I will attend St. Petersburg State Polytechnic. Living in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg for a full semester will provide me with a linguistic and cultural experience that I have always desired. I will study language, history, and politics while being completely immersed within the culture. My experience as an international-affairs student has fully prepared me for this trip with intensive language courses, upper-level political science and ample amounts of cultural and historical courses that provide me with a strong foundation to adapt to the course levels while I am abroad. The encouragement and assistance that have been provided to me through the faculty and staff have undoubtedly led to me to this experience, and I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of this community.


Abigail E. Word

I chose to pursue a B.S. degree in political science with a pre-law concentration because of my passion for civil service and my love of the law and government. My major has equipped me to take matters into my own hands in order to promote change and facilitate growth in my educational career. My intention throughout my years at UNG has been to work hard and stay humble.

This department has not only helped me to further my educational experience at college, but also has prepared me with internships and opportunities that have honestly changed my life. Nearly a year ago I began working for the Department of Justice and every day I am so thankful for the connections and abilities that I have been able to gain throughout my political-science career. I plan to utilize the knowledge and people skills I have secured here at UNG throughout my enrollment.

Taking classes every summer since I graduated high school perhaps wasn’t the most fun choice, but I am thankful for it because now I get the chance to graduate an entire year early. Because of my expedited schedule, my coursework has consisted of many upper-level political-science classes and this semester I have taken “International Law,” “Special Topics in American Law,” “Senior Seminar in Political Science,” “Constitutional Law,” and “Criminal Law.” These classes have been so valuable to me during my internship with the DOJ and often I find myself recalling the key issues I have learned in class in the workplace.

If you are considering majoring in political science, first ask yourself if you are willing to push through the tough classes, write a lot of papers, and become proficient with APA style! If you have an honest passion for service and community improvement, I would highly recommend a major in political science. The faculty and staff in this department are truly here to aid you in your endeavors and I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn from and to work with so many incredible individuals.