PSIA student Phillip Ly

UNG PSIA student Phillip Ly, of Forest Park, GA, is a Strategic Security Studies major. Like many students, Ly is always looking for scholarships. One in particular that he applied for, and won, was the Freeman-Asia Award, which is a scholarship for students who want to travel to Asia but are limited in financial means to do so.

“The main reason I want to study abroad is to learn more about my target language, which is Japanese, and other opportunities such as meeting new people and building connections,” said Ly.

Ly is also a member of the National Guard, and serves as a Motor Transport Operator. He received the Georgia Military Scholarship and joined UNG. Prior to attending classes at UNG, he had to attend basic training and missed out on a Fall semester.

Ly said that he “was very drawn tom the military aspect of UNG” and that is why he chose to go here.

The Freeman-Asia Award is not the first scholarship Ly has been awarded – he also won the Benjamin A. Gilman Award. This was the first scholarship applied for and it is for study abroad funds. He has also applied for the Funds for Education Abroad, which is another financial means scholarship and the Boren Scholarship, which allows students to spend up to a full academic year to study less commonly taught languages in the world.

“I am proud myself for being able to win four scholarships, because I never thought I would. Winning those scholarships proved to myself that I could do something amazing here at UNG,” said Ly. “I think that they also will open more career opportunities.”

Phillip Ly is proof that a PSIA student can be awarded several scholarships, you just have to apply!

For more information about Scholarship opportunities, visit the UNG Nationally Competitive Scholarships page.