The Professional Development Committee within UNG’s Division of Student Affairs selected MAIA graduate student Jenna Patterson as Graduate Assistant of the Year for the Academic Year 2021-22.  Originally graduating from UNG in December 2019 with her bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Jenna enjoyed her time here so much that she returned to UNG to pursue her master’s degree. While fully immersed in her studies in the MAIA program, Jenna worked alongside Drs. Jonathon Miner, Laurel Wei and Raluca Viman-Miller primarily in their respective Global Issues classrooms. 

PSIA Department Head Dr. Dlynn Armstrong Williams comments, “Jenna has been an invaluable graduate assistant for the Political Science & International Affairs Department (PSIA).  Not only has she performed traditional graduate assistant duties of grading, providing limited lectures and assisting students via office hours and review sessions, but she has gone above and beyond.  Jenna has also compiled video resources in support of the Basics of Global Politicstextbook to improve the learning experience.  In addition, she created Instagram posts in support of departmental social media efforts and proofread the position papers for our award winning Model UN teams. “ 

Dr. Miner applauds Jenna’s efforts: “Jenna’s biggest strengths as a graduate student are her willingness to offer constructive criticism to students on their written work and her approachability.  Compared to the many othered TAs I have worked with, more students attend her office hours and gain valuable insight into the class expectations and tools to succeed.  These skills enable both time and Jenna to create a more effective learning environment by reaching more students and improving their chances of success.” 

 Dr. Viman Miller is not surprised by Jenna’s selection as Grad Assistant  of the Year: “Jenna has been an exemplary student from day one.  From an academic perspective she has always been at the very top of her class and that never stopped her from getting involved with UNG clubs and in a variety of other academic extracurricular activities. As a graduate assistant, Jenna provided tremendous help and support in the classroom. It was such a pleasure having Jenna as an undergraduate and graduate student in the PSIA department.  Her future is bright, and I wish her the best in all her future endeavors.” 

 The Political Science & International Affairs Department appreciates all of Jenna’s hard work and dedication.  We wish her continued success.