We are excited to announce the introduction of our new minor, Public Administration & Public Service, in the Fall semester of 2023. Drs. Diaz-Kope, Edwards and Gershetenson, along with Professor Albo worked together on a committee to create this new minor. 

Dr. Diaz-Kope, the chair of the committee said that “[t]he Public Administration and Public Service Minor is ideal for majors in the area of government services, international affairs, law, and business. This minor will appeal to other academic disciplines interested in learning about the management of public organizations and government agencies, the implication of public policy decision-making, ethics in government, and the role of media and its impact on public opinion and government action.” 

“All facets of society are impacted by public administration and public services. At its core, public administration focuses on the day-to-day operations of managing public organizations and government agencies in an effort to advance the public good and serve communities. The increase in demand for public services and the impending retirement of baby boomers will result in a public sector labor shortage” 

Dr. Diaz-Kope stated her hope is that the minor “will make PSIA students more competitive in securing public sector jobs.” 

The curriculum for this new minor is:  

  • 15-18 credit hours 

Required courses:  

  • POLS 1101/H American Government (3 credit hours)  

(may be satisfied in the Core Curriculum)  

  • POLS 2101 Introduction to Political Science (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 2201 Intro to State & Local Government (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 4104 Public Administration (3 credit hours)  

Choosetwo of the following courses:  

  • POLS 4330 Public Policy (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 4390 Ethics in Government (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 3125 Media and Politics (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 3303 Political Behavior (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 4895 Special Topics in Public Service (3 credit hours)  
  • POLS 4485a Internship in Political Science (3 credit hours)  

If you are interested in this new minor, please contact Dr. Diaz-Kope at luisa.diazkope@ung.edu 

[Author: Orla Fennell, IA’23]