In today’s COVID world, this topic is more important than ever. With a mix of traditional, alternative and online classes, how can students succeed in college? There are several ways that you can succeed. Here are eight tips.

  1. Be Prepared. Whether you are attending classes online or socially distanced in person, you need to come to class prepared. Use the necessary materials that you need to succeed. Do you prefer taking notes with pen and paper or do you prefer to use your laptop? Know your note-taking style and follow it.
  2. Do Your Reading. It is easy to fall behind in your classes if you don’t do the required reading. You will likely see an increase in your reading materials at college and it is necessary that you do them. Your grades will suffer if you don’t stay on top of your assignments.
  3. Ask Questions. Your professors and counselor are there to help you. Don’t understand an assignment? Don’t be shy about emailing your instructor to ask for clarification. Whether you’re taking classes online or in person, your instructor wants you to succeed. Stop by during their office hours to get feedback on your performance and ask any questions you couldn’t get answered in class.
  4. Take Advantage of Resources Offered. There are myriad resources available to you in college. If there are supplemental readings offered, it may be wise to read them. Anything you can do to go above and beyond will be helpful to you. The Internet is also your friend. You can find tons of information online about the topics you discuss in class. If you use them in your assignments, be sure to cite your sources properly.
  5. Explore Different Subjects. You may arrive at college knowing exactly what you want to study, you may have a vague idea or you may have no clue. Take several intro-level courses that seem interesting to you. Research different departments and professors at your university to learn more about them. This will help you to explore your options and guide you to your academic, and professional, career.
  6. Follow Your Instincts. There will likely be people giving you advice about what you should do during—and after—college. Take your time exploring your interests, and once it comes time to make decisions about your future, pick a career and course of study that you love, not your parents. Pay attention to what excites you and make sure you’re happy with your academic plans. Once you’ve made a choice, feel confident in your decision.
  7. Join A Study Group or Find a Tutor. Get to know your fellow classmates and reach out to them. Research suggests that students who study together tend to perform much better in class. Also, college classes tend to be more difficult in college than they were in high school, so if you’re struggling with your math skills or your reading and writing techniques, find a tutor who can help you.
  8. Keep a Calendar. Make sure you keep a detailed calendar with due dates throughout the semester. Carefully review the course syllabus and plan your work throughout the semester accordingly.

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