March is spring advisement month! Make sure to see your advisor for information about summer and fall classes.

Pre-registration for the fall semester (and summer session) will occur from April 3 to 21. Your registration time depends on how many credit hours you have earned. Students are encouraged to check their Banner accounts for their specific registration time.

Advisement is held in the fall and spring semesters approximately two to three weeks prior to registration. Please take the time each semester to visit your advisor and make sure that you are following the correct plan of study. You can view your advisor assignment via Banner or contact Andrew Eade at (706) 864‑1628.
How do I find my advisor?

  • Log in to BannerWeb.
  • Choose Student records.
  • Choose Tranguid.
  • Scroll down until you see the advisor information.

How do I know which courses to take?
All programs of study are listed on the department website. Our current plans of study can be found on the department website.


  • POLS 1101, “American Government,” and POLS 2401, “Global Issues,” are prerequisites for upper-division courses in the department. Make sure to complete these introductory classes early in your academic career.
  • POLS 2101, “Introduction to Political Science,” is a prerequisite for POLS 3600, “Introduction to Social Science Research Methods.”

Students who entered UNG after the fall semester of 2011 must achieve a grade of “C” or higher in all courses within the major (including Area F). In addition, if a student adopts any plan of study after the fall of 2011, that student will be subject to the same policy. Please keep this in mind as the administration is phasing out the old NGCSU and GSC core curricula. We request that students who are graduating after the spring semester of 2016 visit their advisors to review their plans of study.