NOTE: This article is a modified version of an article from the UNG Newsroom that originally appeared in 7/28 2023 

 Congratulations to Dr. Glen Smith, professor of political science, for publishing an article in the journal Political Psychology titled “You Know You’re Right: How Intellectual Humility Decreases Political Hostility.” 

 “A survey experiment priming intellectual humility caused a corresponding decrease in hostility toward dissenters without impacting underlying opinions,” Glen said. “Altogether, these results suggest that fostering intellectual humility may be a fruitful avenue for alleviating the hostility and anger that often accompany political disagreement.” 

 The article is the latest scholarship Dr. Smith has produced on such topics. He published “Friendly Politics” in September 2022, which outlined “proven techniques from therapy, psychology, communication, and political science to help people deal with political disagreement in a more constructive manner.” 

He has also researched how partisan media outlets impact viewer opinions and has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. He was interviewed by WABE, WDUN, WSB-TV, Fox 5 Atlanta, the AJC, and E&E News during the presidential election of 2020. 

[Author: Morgan Adams; PS ’24]