Eighteen UNG students and alumni were chosen as semi-finalists for a competitive fellowship program, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. This is a record for UNG. Only 16 UNG students applied last year and in 2019, there were 13 finalists from UNG. This year, there were a total of 27 applicants.

The Fulbright Program allows graduates to pursue many opportunities that include becoming English Teaching Assistants, participating in research activities and even enrolling in graduate school in other countries.

The UNG students selected as semi-finalists are: Noah Bryant, Ashley Fish, Jonathan Gilleland, Michael-Gabriel Holder, Karley Matthews, Ximena Luna, Abigail Meyers, Ashlynn Nash, Lydia Pelletier, Emile Phommavongsy, Monia Pizano, Aquila Murrey Reyes, Kelly Reid, Roderick Selman, Josh Shepherd, Jacey Sherman, Katherine Torres, and Colin Tredway. Click here for more details and a full listing.

Out of the 18 semi-finalists, four have applied to earn advanced degrees: Noah Bryant, Ximena Luna, Josh Shepherd, and Jonathan Gilleland. Jonathan has applied for a doctoral program, while Noah, Ximena, and Josh have all applied to Master’s programs.

Noah, who is studying history, is planning to get his Master’s in another country where his degree would only take one year, versus the normal two.

Jonathan, the doctoral candidate, graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Affairs in 2020. He is the first UNG student to apply to a doctoral program through Fulbright.

In this group of semi-finalists, there are six repeat applicants, and that includes Jonathan Gilleland.

We wish all 18 students good luck!


Students interested in learning more about nationally competitive scholarships should contact ncs@ung.edu for more information.