The fall 2020 schedule is now live! Make sure to see your advisor for information about fall classes.

  • Registration will open April 2 for continuing students is based on student overall earned hours.
  • Registration will remain open until August 6, except for intermittent periods of required closing (please check your registration time ticket for available registration periods).
  • From April 23 – August 21, students seeking a bachelor’s degree will be permitted to register for courses offered at any campus. (undergraduate students only)

Check your BANNER account for your specific registration time.

Certain courses require departmental approval to sign up. These classes include:
POLS 4460, “International Affairs Capstone”
POLS 4470, “Senior Seminar in Political Science”

To enroll in these classes, you must contact Julie Saunders ( with your request to register.It is important to take the time each semester to visit your advisor and make sure that you are following the correct plan of study. You can view your advisor assignment via Banner or contact Julie Saunders at (706) 864 1628.

How do I find my advisor?
• Log in to BannerWeb.
• Choose Student Records.
• Choose Tranguid.
• Scroll down until you see the advisor information.

How do I know which courses to take?
All programs of study are listed on the department website. Our current plans of study can be found on the department website ( Do not hesitate to visit your faculty advisor!