Early Alert Form

Note: DETI Early Alert Report merged with UNG Academic Alert.

Look the Academic Alert link in the Student Success Alert widget in eLearning@UNG (D2L). The form is used to report students needing academic assistance.


Do you have an at-risk student in either your fully online course at UNG? You may want to consider submitting an Early Alert Form before the withdrawal period.

On the homepage of your class in D2L, you can find the link to the Early Alert form for students who are struggling to complete assignments or who are failing to participate. This form is designed to be completed for students enrolled in either UNG Online or hybrid courses that have not responded to their instructor’s attempts to contact them in regard to their participation, missed assignments, or other needs (such as tutoring, help with online format, etc.).

How to Submit the Early Alert Form

  1. Go to your UNG Online course homepage.
  2. Click the “Early Alert Form” link.
  3. Complete the DETI Early Alert Report.
  4. Click “Submit report.”

Updated August 26, 2022