TIP: Check Papers for Plagiarism

Turnitin provides plagiarism (originality) checking and grading feedback through its Feedback Studio.

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How to Use Plagiarism Detection for an Assignment

You have the option of using a Turnitin when creating an Assignments folder.

When students submit papers using the Assignments tool within D2L, those papers can be checked with Turnitin. Turnitin compares submitted papers to other student papers, current and archived web pages, periodicals, journals and other publications. After the comparison has been made, Turnitin produces an originality report which indicates what percentage of the student’s paper match documents in their database.

DETI strongly recommends using Turnitin through the eLearning@UNG (D2L) Assignments tool. If there is a need to access and use the service from outside of the LMS, a Turnitin account can be created.


(UNG login required) Learn how to enable and use Turnitin. Visit DETI’s Turnitin section

(PDF) Turnitin Users Quick Guide – Instructors

Quick Links on myUNG (UNG login required)

(PDF) Enabling Turnitin in an Assignments Folder 

(PDF) Access Turnitin outside of eLearning (D2L)

What is plagiarism?

Learn more about on https://plagiarism.org/

Updated August 2021.