Add Hotspots to Kaltura Videos

Make Videos More Interactive

Kaltura has added a new feature to its Video Editing Tools (Video Quiz, Video Editor) called Hotspots.

Hotspots are clickable objects (similar to a website button) you can add to videos loaded into Kaltura, UNG’s video platform. These are videos in your My Media section of eLearning@UNG (D2L).

Screenshot of the Hotspots editor.

Hotspots can be added to a video using the Hotspots editor in Kaltura’s  Video Editing Tools (Actions > Launch Editor).

What can Hotspots do?

Hotspots can be used to…

… skip an intro, jump to another chapter in a video, or rewind a video.

… go to the next video in a series.

… go to an eLearning module or web page.

… label important items in a video.

Can there be more than one Hotspot in a video?

Yes. You can have multiple Hotspots in a video. They can even appear on the screen at the same time.

Can you add Hotspots to embedded videos in an eLearning@UNG module?

If you have already embedded a Kaltura video into a module, locate the video in My Media and add Hotspots. They will appear in the embedded video when the Hotspots are saved.

Hotspots can’t be added to videos embedded from an external source (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Films On Demand, etc.). Hotspots can’t be added to videos imported into Kaltura from YouTube.


Learn More About Hotspots

(on myUNG) Kaltura Hotspots instructions (PDF) →


(on myUNG) Learn More about Kaltura →


Screenshot of the Hotspots Demo video

Click the video image (above) to launch the Hotspots demo video. Click the play button to start the video. Click the Hotspots text when they appear on the screen.

Watch (and click) the Hotspots Demo Video  →

The demo video shows scenes of the UNG Dahlonega Campus. Look for these Hotspots in the video.

0:02  > Click Here for Campus Map (PDF)

           Click the text to open a campus map in a new tab. The video will stop playing. Go back to the video in the browser tab.

0:08  > Click Here – Jump to the Gold Steeple Section

          Click the text to jump forward to a video close-up of the steeple.

0:15 > Seriously, Click Here Now

          Just a reminder, click the text.

0:23 Title and Text Examples (no clickable links)

          This section contains plain text. There are no links. They provide information not available in the video.

0:26 through 0:34  > Price Memorial Hall Facts

          This section contains plain text. There are no links.

0:35  > Click to Watch This Video Again

          Click the text to return to the video’s start.