Following the trail blazed by our Political Science faculty with the publication of The Basics of American Government in 2016, our International Affairs faculty is pleased to announce the arrival of The Basics of Global Politics, released in April 2021.

Published by the UNG Press, the low-cost textbook is currently in use in most of our POLS 2401 “Global Issues” courses and serves as a basic introduction to world politics for the beginner political science student. The text reviews domestic and international politics, political ideologies, and explores additional critical lenses, such as feminist and environmental theory. Features include an in-depth analysis of realism, liberalism, and constructivism; an explanation of changing approaches to international relations after major global conflicts; and discussions about global trends, obstacles, and developing identities in international relations.

Dr. Raluca Viman-Miller and Dr. Dlynn Williams (pictured) co-edited the book.

Dr. Viman-Miller has published on issues such as the impact of migration on political behavior, political communication, and regional and bilateral relations with implications on European security. 

Dr. Williams has received awards in both teaching and scholarship. She has been nationally recognized for her internationalization efforts. Due to her strong interest in internationalization, she served as the founding Director of UNG’s Center for Global Engagement (CGE).

Contributing authors include:  

Dr. Craig Greathouse, who has published on topics addressing European foreign policy, security and defense policy, strategic culture and thought, and cyber war; Dr. Jake Greear, whose research concerns the political, economic, and philosophical implications of current environmental crises; Dr. Christian Harris, who has published on comparative global development and public diplomacy; Dr. Scott Meachum, whose teaching interests include public law at the domestic and international levels; Dr. Jonathan Miner, who specializes in U.S. foreign policy, Turkish/Middle Eastern politics, and international law; Dr. Nathan Price, whose research is primarily focused on European politics; Dr. Sam Rohrer, whose areas of interest include leadership style and trait analysis, secession, maritime crime, and terrorism; Dr. Jennifer Schiff, whose research focuses on global water policy, the human right to water, and the scholarship of teaching and learning; Dr. Seyed Hamid Serri, whose research focuses on security studies and foreign policy analysis; Dr. Laurel Wei, whose research focuses on the international relations of East Asia, Chinese foreign policy, East Asian international political economy, and qualitative content analysis; and Dr. Dwight Wilson, who specializes in comparative politics, Latin American politics, and the intersection of ideas and politics. 

The Basics of Global Politics costs $34.99 and is a 6-by-9-inch perfect-bound paperback. More details are on the UNG Press’s website. The UNG Press is a scholarly, peer-reviewed press that serves as an extension of our sponsoring university, the University of North Georgia. 


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