New Student Workers for the PSIA Department  

Morgan, Donny, Orla & Gabi 

This fall, the PSIA department onboarded two new hires to work for PSIA Communications Assistant Larry Morton. Both Morgan Adams, a senior political science major from Creekview High School in Canton, and Donatella (Donny) Njika, a freshman pre-law major from McEachern High School in Powder Springs, bring fresh ideas and first-hand knowledge of the PSIA department and its student outreach programs. 

Together they join current student workers, seniors Orla Fennell and Gabriella (Gabi) Bartlett, both international affairs majors, to complete the PSIA Communications Team headed by Morton, and newly-named Associate Department Head, Dr. Raluca Viman-Miller. 

The team is now comprised of a variety of students spanning various majors, each bringing valued perspectives on the different approaches used throughout the PSIA Department to further student and alumni engagement. 

The new female hires shared that their background in political science and in pre-law have, “…prepared [them] for a writing-centric position due to the high level of written work required as a Political Science student” (Adams). New member Donny explains that this job, “…gives [them] an opportunity to branch out and explore the department and all the possibilities that the department can offer a PSIA student after graduation.” Their academic interests and outside experience have made them a strong fit for the communications team where they will aid Larry and the team with our Newsletter, blog, social media, UNG Connect, and all other aspects of our communications program. 

 [Author: Gabriella Bartlett, IA ‘23]