Late in October 2023, three UNG students were selected to participate in the Georgia Legislative Internship Program (GLIP) at the state capitol. Two members of our #PSIAfamily were among the three Nighthawks selected for this year’s program during the Spring 2024 semester. Congrats to Junior Garrison Bennett, who was homeschooled and is majoring in Political Science, and Junior Dominick Ledesma, from Johns Creek High School who is majoring in Political Science with a Pre-law concentration and a minor in Sociology. 

Every year, GLIP provides 30 students from across the state the opportunity to intern with state representatives during the spring legislative session. During the three-month-long session interns fill various roles, from assisting in day-to-day scheduling to aiding in passing legislation. In addition, interns work closely with legislators, media specialists, and in-house legal counsel. During their stay, the interns develop an intimate understanding of the mechanics of state politics and the legislative process.   

When asked how they feel about being selected for this internship and what they’re most excited for, Garrison stated that he feels honored to represent his university as an intern in the Georgia State Legislature and “[looks] forward to a hands-on experience along with a close-up view of exactly how our state Government functions, especially during session”. Dominick says he feels truly honored to have been selected to serve the state of Georgia in any capacity and is most excited to “introduce myself to influential members of our state legislature, so I may receive accredited feedback and advice going forward with my studies and pursuing a fulfilling career.” 

With regards to how the PSIA department has prepared them for this internship, Dominick states that “The University of North Georgia’s Political Science and International Affairs program offered me not only a new perspective on the practicality of politics in my everyday life, but also provided me with the confidence to communicate and humbly serve my community”. Garrison states that: “Those responsible, in large part, for my interest and preparation for this internship, are Dr. Wilk and Dr. Chand. [Both professors] have challenged me to keep an open mind in politics. To truly analyze a scenario, not just having an emotional reaction, but to dissect the issue, in an attempt to understand it better. This has made me a better man, and more prepared for what is ahead. Not only for this internship, but also for any future endeavors”. 

 Congratulations to both Garrison and Dominick for being selected for this competitive internship program! We wish you both the best of luck in your respective internships.   

  [Author: Morgan Adams PS’23]