On January 27, 2016, Dr. Douglas Young lectured to eight Chinese People’s Liberation Army cadets from Liaocheng University who were visiting the Dahlonega campus. The topic was the evolution of freedom, equality, and democracy in the United States. The students asked many questions and were especially interested in the U. S. presidential election and our criminal justice system.

Dr. Young also reported to The PSIA Review that, on December 3, Dr. D. Parker Young, professor emeritus of higher education at the University of Georgia, spoke to Dr. Douglas Young’s POLS 3105, “Introduction to Constitutional Law,” class about student rights and responsibilities. For decades, Dr. D. Parker Young was the graduate coordinator for UGA’s Institute of Higher Education, at which he earned a national reputation for his expertise on the law as it pertains to colleges and universities. On his UNG-Gainesville visit, Dr. Young addressed a wide variety of student concerns and answered a great many questions.